Count the visits' number of your links

What is it?

Framaclic is an online link management service.

By creating an account, you can register web addresses, which will give you another web address to use instead of the original one.

Visits on the new address will be counted, allowing you to get statistics on the number of visits, without spying on anyone.


To help you use Framaclic, we wrote a full documentation and a FAQ.

You can read the "About" of the sofware too.

Besides, you can use Framaclic from Wordpress with the plugin WP-Dolomon.

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The software

Framaclic is an instance among others of the Dolomon software, developed by Luc Didry. Liberapay button

Dolomon is licensed under the terms of the free/libre license AGPL.

The Framaclic's theme sources are available on our software forge

Grow your garden

To participate to the software's development, propose improvments or just download it, go to Dolomon's development web site

If you want to install this software for your own usage and gain autonomy, we help you on: